Apple's Strict Policies: Why Does iPhones Not Have Status Savers? Mi

Apple's Strict Policies: Why Does iPhones Not Have Status Savers? Mi

August 10, 2023

Is Apple going to add WhatsApp statuses savers?


If you are conversant with the Apple ecosystem, especially their mobile devices – iPhones, and you have also tried their major competitor, Google Android, you will realise that there is a huge difference in the type of available Apps on these two different operating systems. One of such differences is the absence of WhatsApp status savers.

Honestly, this was one of the issues I had with iOS when I was still an iOS user as I find it hard asking my WhatsApp contacts to privately send me a status or meme I like to keep or reshare. Many iOS users also do not like the fact that they can't peacefully save WhatsApp statuses of their contact.

In spite of this, it seems that iOS isn't going to remove this restriction anytime soon, and to make matters worse, the Apple ecosystem is so tightly secured that third party applications can't be installed on any iOS device unlike Android phones.

What could be the reason why you can't find any status saver on iPhones?

Privacy concerns. Apple has strict standards they've put in place to ensure that their devices aren't used to share contents that may be against the privacy of people, and this is one reason they don't allow developers to deploy applications that permit the sharing of people's contents without their permission on their device.

Speaking of that, I'd give them an applaud for such development. You don't want to know how it feels for a sensitive picture you shared with your close contacts on WhatsApp to go viral.

WhatsApp is already privacy oriented bringing an environment to share with those you feel comfortable with, but you can never be too sure.

While the restriction on status savers on iOS is bad news for many, others still see it as a great development from Apple.

Though Apple has done a great job in doing such, there's a minor flaw in this which is very easy to correct.

People can still make screen records on the status screen! If they truly are after the privacy concerns of their users, they should restrict screen records from working on the status screen as people still make screen records and even screenshots of the statuses of others without consent.

What's your view with this policy implemented by Apple?

Let's see them in the comments section?

As for me, I don't support it. Why? I share what I am sure isn't sensitive and have the choice of blocking unwanted viewers.

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