Latest Tech News from March 5-11 (2022)

Latest Tech News from March 5-11 (2022)

March 10, 2023

Next.js 13.2 is released | TechGix is live | Readersplug | Tiktok ban | Job offers | Ai is taking over ? | where is Brad ? | FlutterWave Attack | Payday

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NextJs 13.2

Recently, NextJs launched their version 13 which featured a lot of changes to their folder structure for better scalability and also Turbopack . While many devs are still grasping their way around that in amazement of the React js framework, Next Js just released a Version 13.2 with amazing Features like Typescript errors for wrong routes, In built meta tags for better SEO, better customization for backend structure etc. For more info we've picked the best articles for you : NextJs docs || Randomblog || Video .

Techgix is live !

If you're reading this, you must already know of techgix and Yeah ! we're live to the world !

What is Techgix

We're a tech blog and community and our mission is to give you a summary of the latest news in tech (as short as possible without killing the fun of the gist ). Every week, a new blog post will be made so, follow us on all social media platforms to get updated !

Where's Bard

According to google , Bard is still under development . For more info visit the google blog .

Flutterwave Attack

Info was pushed from unknown sources claiming Flutterwave was hacked and that a huge sum of money was moved during the process. According to flutter, such never happened . Judging from the fact that a Fintech can't accept a cyber security breach , we couldn't come to a conclusion on what is true. We advice all techies to remember

there's no smoke without fire .

Ads! Ads!! Ads!!!


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