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Tech News Summary From  August 27th- Sept 2nd

Tech News Summary From August 27th- Sept 2nd

September 3, 2023

Uber is reportedly working on a Food Ordering AI bot. || Pixel 8 pro's hardware design leaked || QAKBOT Has Been Shut Down || iPhone 15 Release Date Has Been Announced.

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Uber is Reportedly Working on a Food Ordering AI bot.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) keeps taking over industries and making lives easier, more and more companies are now incorporating AI into their businesses and Uber is not left out.

Pixel 8 pro's hardware design leaked

In Google's case, one thing is unique, they are known to have one of the highest rates of phone leaks and months after the pixel 7 and 7 pro was released, another one is on the way.

One thing that has sparked conversations is the fact that this phone is coming with two codenames, which according to Phone Arenaare Shiba and Husky.

QAKBOT Has Been Shut Down.

The FBI and cybersecurity officials from the European Union have collaborated to bring down one of the longest reigning malicious software that has affected over 700, 000 computers since its inception in 2006.

QAKBOT infects computers, adds them to its list of botnets and the cycle continues causing damages running into millions of dollars.

iPhone 15 Release Date Has Been Announced.

It's that time of the year when Apple shows the world what it's been cooking. According to an article released on Apple's official site, the release date is September 12 2023.

The event is titled Wonderlust and on that day, alongside the new iPhone 15 series, a new series of Apple watches and airpods will be launched.

Here are some of the new features that is expected to come with this launch:

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