Top Tech Skills To Learn In 2024

Top Tech Skills To Learn In 2024

February 2, 2024

The best tech skills to set you above your mates in 2024


It's 2024, and guess what? Tech is taking over everything; the demand for tech skills is growing daily. People are rushing towards it, and in the midst of this rush, many are asking, “What tech skill can I acquire in 2024?"

Regardless of what you do, you ought to learn a tech skill in 2024 and have it at your disposal.

In this blog article, I will take you through a comprehensive list of 10 tech skills you need to learn in 2024. Stay tuned; let's delve right in!

Why learn tech skills in 2024?

Knowing why you are learning a skill is as important as being proficient in it. Unfortunately, many don't bother to ask this question before delving into a tech skill.

I often have people come to me asking for advice on a tech skill they wish to learn, and I always ensure I ask them one question, “Why do you want to learn this?”

It might sound out of place to ask this question, but its importance is indispensable. No one has ever risen to great heights in tech without a clearly defined reason for being in tech. In all sincerity, you might not have a clear understanding of why you want to learn a tech skill, but you should be able to have one.

Yes, we might be in 2024, dominated by crazy tech, but is that enough?

You should figure it out; check here if you are having issues understanding why.

Tech Skills To Learn In 2024

In this guide, I'll be exploring our top picks at Techgix, derived from careful research.

1. Artificial Intelligence:

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AI is the new oil now. Ever since OpenAI launched ChatGPT in 2022, there has been a frenzy about AI, and this rush doesn't seem to be dying down soon.

This tech industry is really transforming how things work, replacing humans daily in workplaces while automating boring and repetitive tasks. Isn’t it wise to consider adding artificial intelligence to one's tech stack? In the next five to ten years, those with AI skills will probably be the only set of people valuable enough not to be laid off.

Learning AI-related skills gives you the ability to do anything from automation to simplifying your work.

Pro tip: you don’t necessarily need to learn how to create these AI tools; having a very good knowledge of how to use AI tools is good enough to help you retain your value.

2. Cybersecurity:

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As technology gets more advanced, the potential for misuse and exploitation increases. This is perhaps one of the disadvantages that come with making technology accessible to everyone.

Here is where cybersecurity comes into the picture. Cybersecurity itself is as old as computers, but the rate at which the increase in computer crimes is rising is what makes cybersecurity an indispensable skill of the future. It remains as long as computers exist.

Being a very wide field, learning this future-proof skill isn’t something that should be joked with, as one can easily choose a specific area to focus on.

Aside from the financial gains that come with it, equipping yourself with this skill helps keep you enlightened and protected from cybercrime.

Below are areas in cybersecurity that you can choose from:

3. Cloud Computing

In a world that is getting really connected, an era where remote collaboration is the new way of doing things, cloud computing becomes invaluable. This involves the storage of data in data centers that allow people to access data from anywhere in the world seamlessly. The reason you can read this blog is that this site’s data is hosted somewhere that allows anyone permitted to view contents from this site. That is the power of cloud computing.

As more and more businesses, including individuals, are moving from traditional means of hosting data to cloud storage due to a number of reasons, demand for people with cloud computing skills rises. This means that cloud computing is the future, and considering it as a skill to learn in 2024 isn’t a bad choice.

Roles under cloud computing:

Pro tip: having a good knowledge of AWS and Microsoft’s Azure is indispensable if you are looking towards this.

4. Data Analysis and Science

Everything the internet needs to survive thrives on data, including artificial intelligence. When it comes to tech, data is gold! The very core ingredient that drives it.

Armed with data, having this skill will give you a huge leverage as organizations are in dire need of people with this skill that can turn raw data into powerful devices. As a matter of fact, our ability to accurately get the top 10 tech skills to learn in 2024, a year that is still pretty new is because of the science of data. Don’t sleep on this!

Data analysis and machine learning are two areas anyone focused on this skill should be knowledgeable about.

5. Coding

I guess you must have been looking for this. Well, here it is. This one here is a little bit tricky, but if you know your stuff and the maneuvers in it, you will remain an indispensable techie. I won't be discussing why it is tricky in this section.

Coding or programming is the use of computer languages to create software and sometimes configure hardware. Having knowledge of computer programming opens up the door to many opportunities in tech. It is the core and foundation of everything in tech. From computer programming, you can branch into any area in tech, maintain specialty there, and increase one's value. Another good thing about having this skill is that as a programmer, you have the flexibility to choose how you can earn from this skill. You can choose to be a freelancer or work full time. If you have the entrepreneurial streak, you can choose to found your tech startup.

Some roles available for people with this skill:

6. Blockchain and Web3 Technology

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The advent of social media platforms brought web2 to the internet; now, with issues of privacy and fraud rising globally, web3 and blockchain tech are here to solve the issue.

Blockchain is a technology that stores data in a decentralized ledger that makes the stored data immutable, preserving its integrity. This makes it ideal as a futurist tech skill that ensures that the data of people are kept safe from centralized bodies.

Web3 gives people the ability to maintain their data by themselves.

Understanding the intricacies of these two skills will place you above many people in the future.

Some opportunities under this skill:

7. No-code Development

Many programmers are now switching to this skill as more and more tools are being used to hasten the development process. This involves the use of tools and prebuilt templates to build entire software from scratch. In the future, it is anticipated that traditional ways of creating software will be replaced with no-code tools as more and more people with less technical backgrounds enter development.

Roles under No-code development:

8. Quantum Computing

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Computers are getting smarter with leaps being made in technology daily. Older ways of computing are becoming quickly redundant, and faster computers are being made as replacements. These computers are powered by quantum mechanics that allow them to process terabytes of data in seconds.

Quantum computing is the future of computing, and learning this maturing skill today gives one the opportunity to easily dominate the promising field.

Some roles under quantum computing:

9. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

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With the rise of virtual meetings and collaborations, VRs and ARs are few technologies that in no distant time will dominate the world, which already is a global village.

Those with skills relating to creating simulated environments will enjoy a high value demand.

10. Communication and Project Management Skills

This is a soft skill, and even if you are not much of a rocky techie, you can still be in tech and enjoy the high value that those in tech will enjoy in the nearest future. Just a basic understanding of concepts in the tech field you are venturing into is sufficient. The ability to organize and communicate is something that isn’t going into extinction. Millions of years from now, it will still be in high demand in every industry on earth, tech inclusive.

Already, project managers are doing so well for themselves in tech, but incorporating communication skill sets the ball rolling even higher.

Tech Skills that will experience huge layoffs in the future

Yearly, thousands of tech employees lose their jobs, not because they committed a crime, but simply because better and cheaper alternatives can replace them. Simply being in tech doesn’t guarantee job security; there are certain skills that are declining in demand, some are still in demand, but will likely go off while some skills will continue to be in demand.

One thing to know about this is that skills that are very flexible will always be in demand as they can easily evolve to suit different times. Currently, AI is bursting everywhere; many people are afraid that it will cause millions to lose their jobs, which is true, but one thing is also true, AI is simultaneously creating new jobs.

Every skill that was mentioned above can be incorporated with AI; off them all, computer programming is more at risk as computer programmers are the most laid off staff in tech companies. This is because AI is simply getting better at generating codes with more accuracy and speed.

In spite of this, leveraging AI will give you an unfair advantage in what you do. AI won't take your jobs; those who use AI will.

When picking a tech skill, pick one that you can easily incorporate with AI. For instance, in cybersecurity, you can use AI to automate tasks or to accurately detect anomalies in networks.


In conclusion, as we navigate the tech landscape 2024, the importance of getting these tech skills cannot be overstated. From Artificial Intelligence to Quantum Computing, each skill opens doors to new opportunities and ensures adaptability in an ever changing industry. While technological advancements may disrupt certain roles, embracing AI integration can enhance job security

Remember to choose skills that not only align with current trends but also have the potential to evolve alongside emerging technologies. So, whether you're delving into coding or exploring the realms of Blockchain, investing in tech skills today paves the way for a promising future in the digital age.

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